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To create multiple forms, see the following example.

  1. From Solution Explorer, right-click TestForm, add a new Windows form, and name it TestForm2.

    For information about adding a new windows form, see Add a new Windows form.

  2. Change the background of the form to any image, as shown in the following illustration, and add controls.

    For more information, see Design the symbol background and Place a control on the form.

  3. Go to the main TestForm, Add a Button, and rename the button as Insulation.

  4. Double-click the button to be directed to the code page, and type the following text:

    TestForm1.TestForm2 oTestForm2 = null;

    oTestForm2 = new TestForm1.TestForm2();

    Form oFrm = (Form)oTestForm2;


  5. Save and Build the solution.

  6. Open Smart 3D, and go to the Catalog task. Type 'TestForm,TestForm.TestForm' on the FormDefinition column of the Equipment part in the Catalog task, as shown in the following example.