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The software provides a number of options for naming objects that you create in the Equipment & Furnishings task. You can select DefaultNameRule, UniqueNameRule, System Parent Name Rule or User Defined. For more information on creating naming rules, see the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide.


Use this option to let the software name the part. The name consists of the part number of the equipment and a unique number. The part number is defined on the part class worksheet in Equipment.xls.

UniqueNameRule or System Parent Name Rule

Use either option to create a name of the following format: Equipment System-EquipmentSystem-1-0001-GenericAidesAsm-1-0001, such as Plant-ElectricalLight01-E-1-0001. This naming convention increments by one each time that you name a piece of equipment or furnishings.

User Defined

Allows you to define a custom name for the equipment. After selecting this naming rule, type the name for the equipment in the Name box.

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