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  1. Open one of the Equipment and Furnishings reference data workbooks.

  2. Select the Index sheet.

  3. On the Index sheet, click the link to the sheet to which to add an equipment part. For example, to add a pump, click the link to the Pump sheet.

    SHARED Tip To add a new equipment part class, you must add a new sheet to the workbook and specify the class location in the Catalog hierarchy. For example, to add a distillation column class, add a sheet named DistillationColumns. For more information on common sheets, see Adding Part Classes to the Catalog: An Overview in the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide accessible from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.

  4. Insert a new row in the Head/Start/End section.

  5. Specify the properties for the equipment part that you are adding.

  6. In column A of the new row, type the letter A to indicate the Bulkload utility to which you are adding a new object.

  7. Bulkload the workbook in the Add/Modify/Delete mode.

    SHARED Tip For more information on bulkloading data, see Loading Reference Data into the Catalog in the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide.

  • The PartNumber must be unique for all parts in the catalog.

  • Look on the Custom Interfaces sheet to find more information about part properties, such as type and units.