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The BrowseWorkOrders sample application shows how to use components from the Datastream .NET Library to access Grid data. The two primary components that are demonstrated are Datastream.WinForms.EWSGridDisplayManager and Datastream.WinForms.EWSGridDisplayControl. See EWSGridDisplayControl and EWSGridDisplayManager.

Unlike the previous sample applications, adding a Web Reference to the appropriate WSDL files is not necessary. The components already include the appropriate references and expose their functionality through .NET components. These components consume the GetGridHeaderData, GetGridDataOnlyCache, and GetGridDataOnly web services (Function #MP0018, #MP0017, and MP0016 respectively).

Since the sample uses components from the Datastream .NET Library, a reference to the library file must be added to the project. This reference will point to the Datastream.EWS.dll file, which is the Datastream .NET Library. See the Visual Studio help for "Adding and Removing References."

The components demonstrated here are designed for use in the Visual Studio Forms Designer. These components should be added to the Visual Studio Toolbox. See the Visual Studio help for "Managing Tabs and Items in the Toolbox" and "Customize Toolbox Dialog Box."

The sample's primary form (MainForm) presents buttons to select which demonstration to view. For clarity, each component is demonstrated on a separate Windows form that is triggered from a button on the primary form. The Browse Using Standard Controls with Display Manager button opens the BrowseWithManagerForm form and demonstrates the EWSGridDisplayManager component.

The Browse Using the Display Control button opens the BrowseWithControlForm form and demonstrates the EWSGridDisplayControl component.

The following sections describe how to use each component in more detail.