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Copy the entire ClientGeneration directory (<WSTOOLKIT>\Java\ClientGeneration) to a new location.

Edit will be read by Apache Ant, so all file paths should use a forward slash (/) as the separator, even when running on Windows.

  • base.dir: a convenience property used only within It should point to the new copy of the ClientGeneration directory.

  • wsimport.path: the wsimport utility is in the JAVA_HOME\bin directory of the JDK installed earlier.

  • build.src.dir: directory to hold the generated source files.

  • build.output.dir: directory to hold the compiled class files.

  • logging.dir: holds the log output from the ant script.

  • cust.bind.file: must point to custombindings.xml. The default location is ClientGeneration\config. To run the ant script:

    Open a command shell

    Ensure that ant\bin is on the classpath

  • Execute this command:

    ant -Dwsdl.path="<path to WSToolkit\wsdl\Work\MP0023_AddWorkOrder_001.wsdl"