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  1. Create a new application:

    1. Open Enterprise Applications, and then select New Application.

    2. Enter “Azure AD Saml Toolkit” in the search box and select the Azure AD Saml Toolkit application.

  2. SAML Configuration:

    1. In the new application, open 2. Set up single sign on and then select SAML as the single sign-on method.

    2. Basic SAML Configuration section:

      1. Select Upload metadata file and upload the metadata file (sp.xml) provided by EAM. For cloud deployments, sp.xml is obtained on the SSO Configuration screen. For on premise deployments, sp.xml will reside in ssoclienthome once basic SAML setup is completed in the yaml

      2. On the Basic SAML Configuration tab:

        • Set the Sign on Url to the AssertionConsumerService[Location] property in sp.xml

        • Save the information

    3. Attributes and Claims section: configuration of SAML claims is described in the next section.

  3. Assign users to the application.