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Signed certificates: EAM opens http connections to STS and to other modules within EAM. If these connections employ SSL, the certificate returned by the server (STS, or the instance of Apache installed with EAM) must be signed by a CA that can be validated using the certificate chains present in the EAM cacerts file (located in <eamhome>/java/jre/lib/security)..

  • The certificate returned by STS will be validated against cacerts if any of the following EAM functionality is used:

    • Web services, including all connector requests (mobile, databridge, etc.)

    • Electronic signatures

    • Advanced reports

    • Ensure that LDAP Authentication Store is configured in STS for all of the above services to work.

      See the Infor Operating Service Installation Guide for configuring LDAP authentication store in STS.

  • The certificate returned by STS is part of the WS-FED metadata xml obtained from Download Federated Metadata section in the STS Admin UI. https://<sts-server>:<port>/inforsts/rest/metadata/00000000000000000000000000000000/wsfed/idp