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The following is a list of known issues with the latest version of HxGN EAM. Many of these are outside the control of the HxGN EAM development team and relate to issues within particular browsers. Our team will pursue solutions to these issues in the future, but many will require changes in the associated browsers to accomplish this.

Browser (if applicable)



The following shortcut keys are hard coded in the browser and therefore cannot be used by the HxGN EAM application: CTRL+N (New Record) and CTRL+W (Exit Screen Designer Preview Mode)

Report Studio and Query Studio are not supported. This is currently a limitation of the Cognos application.

Running HxGN EAM reports with the Chrome browsers works well with the Chrome’s native pdf viewer. Some issues have been reported with using Chrome and the Adobe pdf viewer plugin.


Safari has a feature that by default does not allow you to use the Tab key to cycle through all the fields on a screen. In particular, we have noticed Safari will skip Check box fields. To turn off this feature, follow the following steps.

Access Safari Preferences from the browser menu.

Click the Advanced icon.

Select "Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage" and close settings screen. Change will take place immediately.

Safari has an issue where if a request takes too long (approximately 10 seconds), the browser will give a "network_err" error. This can commonly occur on screens where importing or exporting of large files happens such as on the Configuration Manager screen. However, on a slow connection, it could happen on any screen.

Report Studio and Query Studio are not supported. This is currently a limitation of the Cognos application.


Changing the value of the DEFORG install parameter is not supported. It must remain set to *.


If the same Custom Field is setup on both a * class and a specific class and both those classes are valid for a record, this will cause the system to believe a change has been made on the record as soon as it is loaded.


IDM will not support EAM based security via the webpart or the IDM client.

When IDM is enabled, the Copy feature of our documents tab will be hidden.

Documents added directly inside IDM client will not show up in EAM unless the user manually adds the appropriate attribute data.


Only a zoom level of 100% (i.e. not zoomed) is supported.


If the table r5alltext (the Text tab of Languages) is modified for a delivered language (EN, ES, etc.), the changes may be overridden by patches and will be overridden by upgrades. This will not be obvious to the end users unless the Refresh Language option is used.


The comments editor will always have black text on white backgrounds, regardless of the theme used. This is due to a bug in WebKit.


The Reset Screen Layout button inside Screen Designer does not update the Dataspy when moving fields to/from Not Available.


Configuring the system to store documents in both S3 and IDM is not supported. Only one set of parameters should be configured, not both.