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HxGN EAM Release Notes for 2022

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Consider the following when installing or upgrading:



Configuration Manager

Alert Management checkbox has been removed from Configuration Manager. The Import/Export Configuration screens now correctly support this functionality.

License Management

HxGN EAM will perform license checks comparing the count of either active or concurrent users against the count of licensed users.

With concurrent seats licensing, login is restricted when the count of users currently logged into the system exceeds the number for which the customer is licensed.

With named seats licensing, a warning message will be displayed when the count of active users exceeds the number for which the customer is licensed.


Support for Contractor Signatures has been added to the Digital Work apps. We will be storing these signatures similar to how we store normal documents. For IDM, we have created a new document type called "EAM Contractor Signature" so that these files can be differentiated from regular EAM documents. This new document type has been added to the IDMDataModel.xml file which is delivered with IDM.

For customers that host their own servers, this update will need to be done manually. The description of how to upload this file is covered by the Configuring IDM section in the HxGN EAM for Infor Document Management technical features brief.


As the transition of HxGN EAM from Infor Cloud to Hexagon Cloud proceeds, Infor Mingle will stay on the Infor Cloud. This will cause issues if using an Incognito window in Chrome to access Mingle and HxGN EAM. There is a security setting that is turned on by default in Chrome to not allow 3rd party cookies in an Incognito window. This will cause HxGN EAM not to be loaded. If the user wants to use the Incognito to access HxGN EAM through Mingle, the user must update their browser security settings to turn on the “Allow all cookies” setting.

PM Schedules

The query for the "Type" dropdown on PM Schedules was updated so that Lookup Filters defined in Screen Designer will work correctly. With this change, it is possible for existing Lookup Filters to break if they reference any fields from the r5ucodes table (like uco_code). Any existing filter like this will cause the query to fail and the dropdown to show no values. Going forward, queries will need to filter on des_code in order for the filtering to work. For example, to hide the "Fixed" type, the appropriate filter would be "des_code <> 'F' or des_code = 'pcurrentvalue'". This would allow the Fixed type to be hidden in insert mode but still be shown when selecting an existing record of type "Fixed". In this scenario, you would also want to set the default value of the Type filed to Duplicate or Variable.