Define a plane using a point and a normal vector - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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11 (2016)

  1. Click Plane by Point and Vector .

  2. Select a vector in the model that is normal to the required plane. The vector can be any linear geometry that is part of the construction of a model object, such as a plate system edge or a profile system landing curve. Use QuickPick to select a line geometry element.

  3. Click the Line geometry element.

    The selected geometry highlights in yellow.

  4. Move the cursor to a point that is on the required plane, and then click.

    A preview of the plane and its local U_V_N coordinate system displays. The plane is coincident with the point and normal to the vector.

  5. To move the plane independent of its previous definition, see Move a defined plane.

You can graphically define the point with the best precision by also using PinPoint. For more information, see PinPoint.