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You can select any of the following as boundaries for plate systems:

  • Plate systems.

  • Profile systems such as stiffeners, beams, or edge reinforcements. A plate can be bound to the webs and flanges of profile systems.

  • Standard members created in the Structure task. A plate can be bound to the webs and flanges of members.

  • Built-up members, but only when the web or flange plate systems of the built-up are selected.

  • Sketched boundary curves.

Sketching Limitations

Sketched curves must extend beyond other bounding objects. In this example, the curve for a linear extruded deck extends beyond the hull boundary:

In this example, the bracket boundary curve extends beyond the top and bottom flanges:

Bounding and Splitting

A profile or member cannot be used to both bound and split a plate at the same time. In the following example, the two plates can be created in two different ways:

  1. The plates are created separately, each using both members and a sketched line as boundaries.

  2. A single plate is created using the horizontal member and two sketched lines as boundaries. After creation, the plate can then be split by the vertical member.