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The software provides sample symbols to use in your drawings. Some of these symbols resize based on the size of the object they are replacing. You can create your own symbols or modify copies of existing ones to suit your needs. It is not necessary to have administrator privileges on the computer on which you perform this procedure. However, it is necessary to have at least write permissions to the SharedContent share on the server computer.

  1. Open SmartSketch Drawing Editor by browsing to the [Product Folder]\Common2D\Shape2D\Bin folder and double-clicking shape2dserver.exe.

  2. Draw your symbol using the various commands and tools in the software.

  3. Use the Select Tool to draw a fence around the symbol graphics.

  4. Click Create Symbol .

    If the Create Symbol icon is not visible, click Tools > Customize, and drag the Create Symbol icon (from the Catalogs category) into the application window.

  5. Click to define the origin of the new symbol.

  6. On the Save As Symbol dialog box, browse to the [Reference Data Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Symbols folder under the SharedContent share, name the symbol, and save it.

  7. Exit SmartSketch Drawing Editor without saving the document.

You can incorporate your custom symbol into a graphic rule for a view style for use in any orthographic drawings. For more information, see Graphic Rule - Symbol Dialog Box.

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