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View > To Do List displays objects in the workspace that have inconsistent data. The To Do List dialog box allows you to edit these objects from a single location. To correct errors, select objects from the list and modify them using the appropriate commands on the Edit ribbon. Check your selection filter setting if you are having trouble selecting a To Do List entry. The To Do List displays objects in gray that you cannot update.

You can change the sort order of items in the To Do List by clicking column headings. The default sorting is alphabetical with Error objects listed and then the Out-of-date objects.


Opens the To Do List Properties dialog box, which allows you to choose the objects that appear in the To Do List, as well as choosing display options. For more information, see To Do List Properties Dialog Box.


Updates the selected out-of-date objects. This option is disabled if:

  • The object has a non-working approval status. Working status is set on the Configuration Tab of the object's properties.

  • The object belongs to another global workshare site.

  • You do not have sufficient permissions to edit the object.

Filter To Do List by Select Set

Shows only those To Do List entries that are related to the selected objects in the graphical views or Workspace Explorer. When the To Do List contains hundreds or thousands of records, this option can be useful for filtering the To Do List. 

If no objects exist in the select set when this option is checked, the To Do List appears empty. This option works in conjunction with the other check boxes under List on the To Do List Properties dialog box. For example, if the Only objects which the user has permission to resolve box is checked, then nothing shows in the To Do List if you select an out-of-date object that you do not have permission to resolve.

Clear Filter

Removes the select set filter from the To Do List and displays all records for the workspace.

Review Status

Changes the Review status of the selected To Do List entry. The Review status is either blank or Ignored.


Opens the Troubleshooting help file, which contains information about To Do List messages. To go directly to information about a message, select the message from the list, and then click Help .

Auto Fit

Automatically fits in a graphic view the object associated with the To Do List entry that you selected in the listing.


Provides an expanded description of the problem. Point to the text in this field to display the informational note as a ToolTip. The software automatically creates the note and its contents.

Object name

Lists the name of an object, if assigned (for example, Pump No. 42). For an entry in a nested constraint system, Constraint Set is displayed.


Specifies if the objects on the list are in an Out of date or Error state.

Changed by

Lists the user name of the person who changed the object that caused the Out of date or Error state.

Date modified

Displays the date and local time when the object was modified, which resulted in a failure to recompute.


Displays the discipline of the object with the To Do List entry.

Review status

Displays the review status of the To Do List entry. The status is either blank or Ignored. By default, this field is blank. To change the Review status of an entry, select the entry and click the Review Status button .