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Intergraph Smart Instrumentation Internal Setup

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
2018 (12.0)

You use this dialog box to display the settings of the current default printer.  The dialog box also allows you to access a dialog box to change the printer settings.

To access this dialog box, click File > Printer Diagnostics.

Printer settings

Displays the current printer settings after you click Test.

Printer name — Displays the name and model of the printer.

Horizontal resolution — Displays the horizontal resolution of your printer in dpi (dots per inch).

Vertical resolution — Displays the vertical resolution of your printer in dpi.

Port — Displays the port connecting your computer to the printer.

Paper width — Displays the width of the paper you selected in setup.

Paper height — Displays the height of the paper you selected in setup.

Paper size — Displays the name of the paper-size you selected, for example: A4, Letter, with the appropriate dimensions.

Print driver — Displays the name of the driver file you set for this printer on your computer.

Printing orientation — Displays Portrait or Landscape selected, according to the print setting.