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Intergraph Smart 3D Web API Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart 3D Web API
Installation & Upgrade
12 (2018)

You can also upgrade using scripts and command line arguments to the Smart 3D Web API Configuration Utility.

  1. Save a copy of your web configuration file C:\Program Files\Smart3D\WebApi\WebServer\Web.config. Even though the export operation saves a copy of this file, a manual save is very useful for support if anything goes wrong during the upgrade operation.

    This operation can be done only on the computer hosting your web server.

  2. Export your existing configuration on the Smart 3D Web API computer. This should generate a configuration file that is encrypted and can only be decrypted by Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /x /f <FileName.json> /p <EncryptionPassword>

    You can skip this step if you are not making changes to your existing configuration. Export can also be done without encrypting export file. You might choose this if you plan on making changes to your existing configuration and security is not a concern.

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /x /f <FileName.json> /d

  3. Type the command below to decrypt a configuration file from a command line.

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /d /f <FileName.json> /p <EncryptionPassword>

    This will overwrite the existing encrypted file.

  4. Uninstall Intergraph Smart 3D Web API from your computer.

  5. Uninstall Intergraph Smart 3D if needed.

  6. Install the updated version of Intergraph Smart 3D if needed.

  7. Install new the Intergraph Smart 3D Web API version.

  8. Type the command line below to import your configuration from the exported encrypted configuration file.

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /i /f <FileName.json> /p <EncryptionPassword>


    Type the command below if your export file is already decrypted or if you decided to not use encryption.

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /i /f <FileName.json>

    Use the /migrate optional argument to upgrade an out-of-date Web API configuration database.

  9. After you import the configuration file, you can regenerate the metadata for all WebAPI enabled models using the command below. This is required only if you have any schema changes during your Intergraph Smart 3D upgrade.

    start /wait Smart3DWebApiConfigurationUtility.exe /m