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Intergraph Smart 3D Web API Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart 3D Web API
Installation & Upgrade
12 (2018)
  1. Save a copy of your web configuration file C:\Program Files\Smart3D\WebApi\WebServer\Web.config. Even though the export operation saves a copy of this file, a manual save is very useful for support if anything goes wrong during the upgrade operation.

    This operation can be done only on the computer hosting your web server.

  2. Click Start > Intergraph Smart 3D > WebAPI Configuration Tool.

  3. Verify that all of the check boxes on the Welcome page are cleared.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Export.

  6. Specify a file name.

  7. If you plan to upgrade without any changes in configuration, you can select the Use Encryption option. If Use Encryption is checked, specify a password for the file encryption.


    Clear the Use Encryption option if you need to change the configuration or security is not a problem. You can also decrypt the configuration file later using configuration tool.

  8. Click Export to create the file.

  9. Close the configuration tool.

  10. Uninstall Intergraph Smart 3D Web API from your computer.

  11. Uninstall Intergraph Smart 3D if needed.

  12. Install the updated version of Intergraph Smart 3D if needed.

  13. Install the new Intergraph Smart 3D Web API version.

  14. Click Start > Intergraph Smart 3D > WebAPI Configuration Tool.

  15. Click Import on Welcome screen.

  16. Select the configuration file that was generated by your export operation. If you exported with encryption, type the password.

  17. Select Regenerate metadata after import check box if you choose to regenerate metadata for all WebAPI enabled plants after the import. You must regenerate metadata when you move to a newer version of Smart 3D or when the catalog data for an existing plant changes.

  18. Click Import.

    You are prompted to migrate the database if it is out-of-date. Click Migrate to upgrade the database, or click Cancel to cancel the import.

  19. Verify the data you are importing, and click Finish.

The data displayed is from the configuration file. If you find problems, click Back and edit the data. Alternatively, exit the configuration tool, modify the configuration file, and then restart the import procedure.