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main rest web services figure 1

Figure 1

The first image is a sample main EAM rest web services URL and corresponding rest web service actions.

  • 1 is a POST action for get default webservices.

  • 2 is a POST action to add a single record.

  • 3 is a PUT action to update a single record.

  • 4 is a GET action, it returns a collection of data records. We will call this Get Collection in this guide.

  • 5 is a GET action to return a single record.

  • 6 is the DELETE action to delete a single record.

  • 7 is the PATCH action to update selected data fields.

In 5, 6 and 7, there is a {id} parameter. {id} should be the unique id to identify the entity/screen. Normally it will be entity code plus organization code separated by # symbol. In the top section of the HxGN EAM Rest Web service API document (also called Swagger API) , a sample {id} will provided.