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This is the standard response to indicate the transaction was successful. The image below is a sample response data.

Figure 6 - EAM response structure

There are 3 parts of the response.

  • ErrorAlert - If this element is not null, it indicates something is wrong in the request and message will tell what is wrong in the request.

  • ConfirmationAlert - If this element is not null, it indicates the request is OK, however additional information is needed to confirm the request. The message will be a question to tell users to confirm the request.

  • Result - If this element is not null, it indicates the request is successful and data requested is inside ResultData element.

    • ResultData element will be different for different entities/screens and the structures of ResultData will be specified in correspond swagger API json.

    • InfoAlert - This is a successful message to tell the transaction was successful.

    • WarningAlert - If it is not null, it indicates that the transaction was successful, but there are some warnings.

    • SessionID - SessionID will have a value if keepsession header parameter is set to true. It is the session ID that can be used in later requests.