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  • Nonconformity List View

    • List of nonconformity observations for the Work Order.

    • Fields: Nonconformity, Equipment, Equipment Description, Severity, Status

    • Search Option: Ability to search by Equipment, Class, System Level, Assembly Level, Component Level, Type, Severity (Header), Status (Header), or Observation

    • Buttons: An Actions button will be available on this panel once clicked it will contain the following buttons: Add Nonconformity - shows the Nonconformity (Insert/Edit mode) panel, Update Status - allows the User to update Status of selected Nonconformity records in batch, Import Nonconformities - opens the Nonconformity Import popup, allowing the user the import of nonconformities that are already downloaded to the device and are visible from the Equipment screen, Mass Acknowledge - allows the user to update all observations attached to the Work Order header.

  • Nonconformity (Insert/Edit mode)

    • Fields: Nonconformity PK, Nonconformity, Description, Organization, Nonconformity Details, Observation, Equipment, Equipment Criticality, Equipment Safety, Location, Part, Type, Class, Class Organization, Task Plan for Checklist, Task Plan for Checklist , Revision, System Level, Assembly Level, Component Level , EMRS , Description , Material Type, Status, Priority, Note, Severity, Size, Intensity, Importance, Tracking Details, Recorded By, Date Recorded, Condition Score, Condition Index, Next Inspection Date, Next , inspection Date Override, Recommended Repair Date , Estimated Labor Costs, Estimated Labor Costs Currency, Estimated Material Costs, Estimated Material Costs Currency, Estimated Misc. Costs, Estimated Misc. Costs Currency, Total Estimated Costs, Total Estimated Costs Currency, Closed, Repaired, Work Order, Created By, Date Created, Updated By, Date Updated, Linear Reference fields.

  • Nonconformity > Update Status

    • Fields: Nonconformity, Equipment, Equipment Description, Status.

    • Buttons: Select All - selects all nonconformity observation records; Update Status - allows the User to apply update Status of selected nonconformity records in batch.