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Flex Business Rules are available for the HxGN EAM Manufacture app. These rules will reside in the iPadĀ® app itself and fire only on mobile device locally; and will not fire when data is synched to core EAM system.

This option allows the creation and editing of Mobile Flex.

  • The Mobile Flex will only work on Mobile devices.

  • The Mobile Flex screen is only available to users with the Mobile Administrator flag turned on. It will be hidden from the menu for non-administrators.

  • The Mobile Flex will fire when a user saves a record on the Mobile device.

  • A Test Flex Business Rule option will be available that will ensure the syntax of the SQL statement is correct and that the referenced tables and columns exist on the Mobile database.

  • The Mobile Flex screen will be accessible via the existing Settings menu.

When a user syncs the Mobile device, the system will check:

  • To see if any of the Mobile Flex on the Mobile device is new (does not exist in HxGN EAM). If so, the system will create a record in HxGN EAM for the Mobile Flex.

  • For Mobile Flex records that exist in both HGN EAM and Mobile, the system will update the record in HxGN EAM if the Mobile Flex record on the Mobile device is newer.

  • For Mobile Flex records that exist in both HxGN EAM and Mobile, the system will update the record in Mobile if the HxGN EAM record is newer.

  • The system will copy any Mobile Flex from HxGN EAM to the Mobile device that does not yet exist on the Mobile device (i.e., it was created on another device and synced to HxGN EAM).

  • All Mobile Flex records saved to HxGN EAM will be marked with a special "Mobile Only" flag.