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Design labels by specifying the label details, such as the fonts to use, the fields to display, and the barcode height.

  1. Click Templates.

  2. Select the template for which to design the label, and then click the Label Designer tab.

  3. Specify this information:

    Symbology - Select the barcode scanner you are using. HxGN EAM Barcoding supports Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 Ext, Code UPC-A, and Code UPC-E.

    Barcode Height - Specify the height of the barcode.

    Text Font - Select the font to use on barcode labels.

    Number of Duplicates - Specify the number of duplicates to use for the same label.

  4. Click Add Field.

  5. Select the field to display on the label.

  6. Click >> to print the field on the label.

  7. Specify this information:

    Display Barcode - Select to display the barcode on the label.

    Display Label - Select to display the field label on the label.

    Display Value - Select to display the field value on the label.

    Font Size - Select the font size to use on the label.

  8. Click Submit. The Fields list and the label preview are updated on the right side of the page.

  9. Specify additional fields to display as necessary.

    In the preview section, drag and drop label elements to position them exactly as you wish. The Barcode Position X and Y settings are automatically updated.

  10. Click Save Record.