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You must set up users in HxGN EAM after installing HxGN EAM Barcoding.

See Setting up users.

After installing HxGN EAM Barcoding, add the HxGN EAM application server as a trusted site. See the .

  1. Insert the HxGN EAM Barcoding CD into the proper drive.

  2. Choose Start > Run from the Windows taskbar.

    If you are installing from a drive other than D:, substitute that drive for D: in these instructions.

  3. Enter D:\SETUP\SETUP.EXE, and then click OK.

    If you already have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer, the system displays the Welcome dialog box. You may proceed to step 6.

  4. Select I agree if you agree to the terms, and then click Install. The system installs the required components.

  5. Click Next.

  6. If you agree to the terms, click Yes.

  7. Specify your User Name and Company Name.

  8. For Install this application for, choose one of the following options -



    Anyone who uses this computer (all users)

    Select to display the HxGN EAM Barcoding menu option to matter which user logs in this computer.

    Only for me ()

    Select to make HxGN EAM Barcoding available when you log into your computer with your user ID. If another user logs in, the HxGN EAM Barcoding menu option will not be displayed.

  9. Click Next.

    HxGN strongly recommends accepting the default directory names. If you do not accept the default directory names, notify HxGN Support of these directory names when calling for assistance.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Choose one of the following setup options -




    Select to install HxGN EAM Barcoding and HxGM EAM Barcoding print Server.


    Select to only install certain program features.

  12. Click Next.

  13. Click Next.

  14. Click Finish.