Prerequisites - EcoSys - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Connect Upgrade

Installation & Upgrade
  • Make sure all the components are running/installed. If not, the docker upgrade process will switch to doing an installation.

    • To confirm that all components are running, issue the command docker service ls. All components should list 1/1 in the REPLICAS column.

  • Setup the installation media

  1. Copy newer EcosysConnect Build zip distribution to a folder on the Connect server.

    For example, ‘/home/user/Staging’

  2. Unzip the zip distribution to get the folder structure: /home/user/Staging/EcoSys Connect 1.0 <date>/EcoSysConnect

  3. Change your working directory to /home/user/Staging/EcoSys Connect 1.0 <date>/EcoSysConnect

  4. Give permission to file by running the command below:

    chmod +x

  5. Run to start the installation.