Step 2 Upgrade Dispatcher - EcoSys - Installation & Upgrade - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Connect Upgrade

Installation & Upgrade
  1. Once you upgrade ActiveMQ, in the Step 2/5: DISPATCHER, answer Y to proceed.

  2. You will be notified of the current version of the Dispatcher and version it is going to upgrade to. Answer Y to proceed.

    The Upgrade and deployment successful message appears on the screen.

  3. You must validate the dispatcher settings by connecting to ConnectUrl.

  4. Confirm “Dispatcher installation validated successfully” message

  • If the upgrade process is unsuccessful, the error message appears on the screen and also gets logged under /home/user/Staging/install-logs/. The log name will have the prefix as 'upgrade’ followed by the DateTime when it is created.

  • If the dispatcher validation fails, do not proceed with the remaining upgrade steps before resolving the dispatcher errors. Once the dispatcher is up and running, re-run the upgrade script to upgrade the remaining components.