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View the progress of your tasks.

Before you begin

Requires a user account with a role that includes the "View tasks report" role operation to search the task history

About this task

The Task Reports page displays a report of task activity, including a summary of task statuses and due dates.

For tasks to appear in the results, you must have access to the task's content. So if the content has restricted access or does not belong to one of your domains, then you will not see its tasks in the report.


  1. On the menu, navigate to Search and click Tasks.

  2. In the Search field, type the full or partial title of your content.

    SHARED Tip Leave the Search field blank to return all tasks.

  3. (Optional) Click Show filters to narrow or broaden your results.

    If configured by your Administrator, the task search filter can also include properties.

  4. Click Search.


The Summary of tasks matching your search criteria displays.

What to do next:

  • In the Work item column, click a link to open.

  • In the Assigned to and Originator and columns, click the name to send an email.

  • Click the gear icon, and select Transition to transition, edit, or delete a task.

  • Click the Required completion link to complete the related checklist content for your task.

  • Click the Export to Excel link to view the report in a spreadsheet.

The gear icon is not visible for Completed tasks.

Task report filters

In the task report window, use the following filters to narrow or broaden your search results.

Task report filters




Displays results based on domain name. You can type all or part of the Domain and select from the list.

SHARED Tip Only the domains to which you have access are available to select.

Complete status

The status of the workflow. Values are All, Incomplete or Complete.

Assigned to

Assigned to a specific user. Values are All, Unassigned, or a specific name.


Indicates the status of the content. Values are All, Draft, or Published. 


Indicates the specific workflow to which the task belongs. Values are All or a specific workflow name.

 If filtered to show a parent workflow that contains a child workflow, the tasks from the child workflow do not appear in the task results, but the child workflow will appear as a task.

Task state

Indicates the task name. The available task names depend on the workflow that is selected.

Content type

The Content type drop-down list shows all potential content types. If you have not created any custom content types, Procedure and Process are the only types.

Asset ID

A unique identifier for the asset. You can type all or part of the Asset ID, or use * as a wildcard.


Tasks created by a specific user. Values are All or a specific name.

Task due date

The date on which the task is due. Values are All, Custom, In the past 30 days, In the past 7 days, Today, In the next 7 days, or In the next 30 day.

Modified date

The date on which the task was assigned. Values are All, Custom, In the past 30 days, In the past 7 days, or Today.

Limit results

Limits the results to a specified value. Values are 25, 100, or 500.

SHARED Tip Using Export to Excel exports all tasks within your domain(s), not just the 500 limit.

SHARED Tip Select All in the drop-down list, where available, to display all items in the search results.