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There are several locations from which you can transition your tasks:

  • My tasks list

  • Bottom of content or review in Tasks section

  • In a review by clicking Complete review

If Complete review is clicked, there is no need to click Transition as the Transition window opens automatically.

  1. With the task in view, click Transition.

    SHARED Tip If there are task or transition notes, you should read them to ensure you have properly completed your assigned task and are transitioning your task to the correct next task.

  2. Complete the fields.

    Transition task fields



    Transition to

    Displays the next tasks in the workflow; might include tasks such as review, edit, approve, publish, and complete.

    This field does not appear when the task is being created. The field is only visible after the task is assigned.

    Assign to

    Provides a list of users to whom you can assign the task.

    • If the next step requires only one assignee, the drop-down list displays a list of users from which you can make your selection.

    • If Unassigned is selected, the task remains unassigned but available to any user with the appropriate permissions to complete and assign the task to themselves.

    • If the workflow allows for multiple assignees, the system displays two available selection areas:

      • Roles -- Allows you to select all users assigned to a specific role, as well as a minimum number of those users who are required to complete the task before the workflow can proceed. If no minimum is selected, the workflow does not automatically proceed until the minimum date is reached.

      • Users -- Allows you to select specific users. A role filter is available to search for a specific user. This area is divided into two lists: Not assigned and Assigned. The Assigned list shows all selected reviewers and identifies whether they are required or optional reviewers. A solid black circle indicates required and a white circle indicates optional. You can hover over the box to see required vs. optional reviewers. You can also click this box to change your selection and toggle between Required and Optional. Select one of the following:

      • Assign selected users: Select a user and click the blue forward arrow to assign a user as a required reviewer.

      • Assign selected user as optional: Click the black forward arrow to assign a user as an optional reviewer.

      • The workflow can proceed without input from these reviewers as long as the other task requirements are met, such as minimum required reviewers and task duration.

      • Unassign selected users: You can move reviewers from the Assigned list back to the Unassigned list by clicking the back arrow.


    Captures the approval or rejection while transitioning a workflow task and records the selection in task history.

    The Approval field is visible only when an approval is required for the current workflow task.


    Describe the actions you performed and/or the actions you want the next user working on the task to perform.


    Click Add attachment to upload attachments to tasks. Maximum file size is 98 MB. Various file formats are supported. We recommend that you reach out to your administrator for the full list, as it is configurable.

    If you assigned the task to a specific user, the task appears on the assignee's My Tasks page and an auto-generated email is sent to them with the pertinent details. Otherwise, the task displays in the Unassigned section of the Tasks page. Users with the "Assignable to content" role can assign the task to themselves and complete.