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Smart Isometrics I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert

You use the tabs on the Catalog Settings dialog box to specify the output format and type of catalog to create. For example, you can create a separate Smart Isometrics specification for each AutoPlant specification, or you can merge all AutoPlant specifications into a single Smart Isometrics catalog.

  1. In the Settings dialog box, expand the General Settings node.

  2. Select Catalogue.

    The Catalog Settings dialog box appears.

  3. On the Catalog Options tab, define the required settings.

  4. If necessary, view the settings on the CIF Options tab.

  5. Click OK.

  • The options on the CIF Options tab are enabled only when you select I-Sketch in the Output Format list

  • Specify column widths long enough to hold the longest code. Because Item Code 2 represents the full specification reference, its field is longer than that of Item Code 1.

  • The current Isogen limit in the CIF file is 500 characters. After making room for the index and bores, this leaves a maximum available of 462 characters.