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12.1 (2019)


CompartSplitAE has no CompartBoundByFace.



Detailed Description

The CompartSplitAE Active Entity has no CompartBoundByFace associated with it. The CompartSplitAE holds the reference (through a relation) about the inputs for construction. Because the CompartSplitAE has become orphaned, this object is not selectable or displayable in a graphic view or in the Workspace Explorer.

Possible Cause

Coding or data model errors.

Possible Impacts

No impact. The orphaned object remains in the database.

What You Should Do

The object should be deleted. To delete the object, run the Clean Database custom command (ProgID SP3DCleanDatabaseCmd.CCheckObj). This command displays a dialog box that lists the objects in error. From the list you can select the objects and delete them.