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12.1 (2019)


Document Output Manager object has duplicate generated document relations.



Detailed Description

The Document Output Manager object has redundant relations with the generated document (DocumentData object). There should be one and only one of these relationships.

Possible Cause

This problem is caused by creating the same relation between the same set of objects without verifying the existence of the relation.

Possible Impacts

When you open, edit, or update an existing Drawing, the redundant relationship existence can lead to the incorrect Drawing object being chosen, and the Drawing file retrieved from the database may not be the latest revision of that file. This situation could lead to incorrect results when viewing or updating and then viewing the Drawing because the contents of that Drawing file may not be properly synchronized with the model.

What You Should Do

Run the Clean Database custom command, select the objects, and then click Clean Now. This operation fixes all the duplicate relations for the object in question.