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Orphaned Cross section symbol occurrences having no relationships to any objects.



Detailed Description

Symbol occurrence objects in the database are orphaned as they do not have any relationships to the objects that created them.

Possible Cause

Some custom symbol objects that create cross section occurrences do not delete the occurrences after they have been used for creating projections. An example is in user symbol macros such as Stairs/Handrails that use the function PlaceCrossSectionOccurrence from CrossSectionServices in the SP3DStructGenericTools library.

Possible Impacts

Software performance degrades with a large number of these objects.

What You Should Do

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Send the database backup to Hexagon PPM Support.

  3. Execute the Clean Database custom command to remove these objects.

User symbol macro source code that calls the function PlaceCrossSectionOccurrence must ensure that occurrences are deleted when the symbol code does not need the occurrences anymore. In the existing source code, look for instances where an occurrence is created. The function call has the third argument set as True (meaning that a new occurrence will be created). For example:

CrosssectionService.PlaceCrossSectionOccurrence(ResourceManager, CatalogDef, True, CSProfile)
' Code to use the occurrence to create projections
' then the CSProfileObj needs to be deleted as follows
Dim obj As IJDObject
Set obj = CSProfileObj