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12.1 (2019)


SnapIn entity has no associated PropertyObject.



Detailed Description

A Drawing SnapIn object has no relationship with a Drawing PropertyObject. The Drawing PropertyObject is used to store and retrieve all user properties (displayed by right-clicking and choosing Properties). This relationship is mandatory for the correct operation of a Drawing SnapIn. Without it, the Drawing SnapIn will not be usable in the Drawings and Reports task.

Possible Cause

Tables or entries in a table in the Model database may have been deleted or become erroneous. An error may have occurred when creating or deleting a Drawing SnapIn while in the Drawings and Reports task. If you have recently migrated the software to work with a later version, an error may have occurred in the migration process.

Possible Impacts

The Drawing SnapIn identified by this message is not usable in the Drawings and Reports task. Any drawings that are located under this SnapIn may be incorrect or irretrievable. No new drawings can be created underneath this Drawing SnapIn.

What You Should Do

We recommend that you contact customer support. You can find support information on our web site at Hexagon PPM Support.