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Object belongs to non-existent permission group.



Detailed Description

The permission group to which the object is assigned no longer exists.

Possible Cause

Although the situation can happen if an unexpected corruption has occurred, it is most likely to happen when the permission group to which an object is assigned has been deleted from the model. A possible scenario follows:

  1. Define two permission groups in Project Management: “A” and “B”.

  2. In the model, assign an object (such as an equipment) to permission group “A”, and then apply the change.

  3. Change the object to permission group “B”, and then apply the change.

  4. In Project Management, delete permission group “A” (the software allows the deletion because no objects are assigned to permission group “A”).

  5. Back in the model, use Undo to reverse the last change. This action resets the permission group ID for the object to “A”.

The object is now assigned to a permission group that no longer exists. The Database Integrity script will report the error.

Possible Impacts

Because no permission access control exists, there is nothing to prevent the object from being modified by individuals who should not be allowed to modify it.

What You Should Do

  1. Open the model, and select the object.

  2. Click Edit > Properties.

  3. On the Configuration tab, use the Permission Group list to assign the object to a permission group.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. In Project Management, run the Database > Integrity command to verify that the issue is resolved.