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Invalid zero length straight feature.



Detailed Description

The feature length is zero. This feature probably also generates a pipe part, which may or may not be of the same length. In reality, a straight feature can never be less than the minimum pipe length defined in the catalog data.

Possible Cause

Generally occurs due to a software problem. However, there have been instances when it was determined that the catalog data did not define the "Minimum Pipe length rule," in which case the software would create a "minimum pipe length" between Female & Male Components to take care of incompatible ends.

Possible Impacts

The part should be ignored if found in a drawing or report.

What You Should Do

The following are some suggestions about eliminating this error:

  • Check to see if the specification lists the proper minimum pipe length in the "Minimum Pipe Length Rule" (for piping). If the "Minimum pipe length" rule does not specify a valid minimum length, set the valid minimum pipe length value in the catalog.

  • Select the associated run and modify any attribute value to trigger a re-computation (such as temperature). This re-computation will get rid of this error. After this is done, reset the attribute value back to its previous state.