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Reference Data

Description: Turnbuckle w/Bottom Rod, Load Class <number>
Symbol Name: FINL_Parts,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.SFS5391
Workbook: HS_FINL_Parts.xls
Workbook Sheet: FINLCmp_SFS5391
User Class Name: SFS5391 Turnbuckle Rod
Part Number: FINLCmp_SFS5391_<number>
Inputs, Outputs, and Aspects:
ProgID: FINL_Parts,Ingr.SP3D.Content.Support.Symbols.SFS5391

Output name 1 = "Port1"
Output name 2 = "Port2"
Output name 3 = "TOP"
Output name 4 = "BOT"
Output name 5 = "ROD"
Output name 6 = "LEFT"
Output name 7 = "RIGHT"

Input name(2) = "LoadClass"
Input name(3) = "A"
Input name(4) = "B"
Input name(5) = "C"
Input name(6) = "D"
Input name(7) = "F"
Input name(8) = "G"
Input name(9) = "H"
Input name(10) = "S"
Input name(11) = "X"
Input name(12) = "L"
Input name(13) = "K1"
Input name(14) = "K2"
Input name(15) = "RodDia"