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After the e-mail template has been setup, use the E-mail Notification Setup screen to map the template to the table that will trigger the notifications.

After selecting the table to setup the trigger/notification, the e-mail template is mapped to the table along with the trigger details. The trigger can be set for a simple Update/Insert/Delete in the table, or by changing the status from one to another.

For the below example, notifications will be sent when the user updates/deletes the date in the R5EVENTS (Work orders) table and when there is a status change from Released to Completed.

Multiple e-mail templates can be added to send triggers from the same table if needed.

Substitution parameters mentioned in the previous section, can be mapped to the respective column using the Create Parameters action menu after selecting a record on the grid. This will open the parameters popup. The parameter number will be the recipient specified on the e-mail template screen. For example, if %1 (which is how you specify parameters on the e-mail template screen) is specified as a recipient, then 1 will be specified in the parameter field here along with the column, which can be any column (field) on the R5EVENTS table (Work Order screen). For this example, the EVT_CREATEDBY (that is, the Created By field) is selected.

The value selected in the column field should always have an associated valid e-mail address.

The existing functionality with e-mail works with all table and column combinations, unlike the push notification which works only with 2 combinations as mentioned previously. Since we have not specified any substitution parameters on the template screen recipient’s field, this record will not be added to this grid.

Push Notification will not support the Include URL checkbox.