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On the Depreciation tab of the Equipment Configurations screen, you can define all the depreciation details of the equipment configuration. This tab functions the same way it does on the equipment screens, but because it is attached to an equipment configuration only setup data is available. Therefore, it is not possible to enter any output data (Units of Output button is unavailable) or use the From Date field. Instead of From Date, the tab offers a Relative Start moment. A typical depreciation record here would have Relative Start set to 0 (zero) Days, which means that the depreciation starts the moment the equipment is generated from the configuration. If after one year you already know a change in book value must be recorded for that equipment, you can enter that depreciation record here as well and set Relative Start to 1 Year.

This tab will also never calculate any depreciation data, and therefore the View Depreciation Details button is not available either.