Setting up Customer Survey Emails via ION configuration - HxGN EAM - 11.07.01 - Feature Briefs - Hexagon

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Feature Briefs
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  1. Configure data bridge partners for ION. See Configuration Guide for ION.

  2. Double-click one of the four customer survey document flows to be modified on the ION desk (CustomerSurveyEvent, CustomerSurveyEventORAPtch01, CustomerSurveyEventSQL, or CustomerSurveyEventSQLPtch01.)

  3. After selecting the flow, click on the Database icon to populate the application sub task which will let you modify the tenant and login information.

  4. Double click the Application task window to modify the tenant and login information.

  5. After saving the information, click the "Monitors" to add the Conditions, Alert settings, and Distribution.