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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Detailing

Intergraph Smart 3D
12 (2018)

  • The column is doubly sloping (sloping X-Z and Y-Z plane).

  • The column is continuous before the can is placed.

  • Rule-based gaps are applied (AxisGap - Single) to the vertical braces shown in orange before the can is placed.

  • The vertical braces and beams are all coplanar.

  • The beam is a built-up member.

  • The can is placed with an outer diameter larger than either leg.

  • For more information on the chamfer properties, see Chamfer Properties Dialog Box.

  • Inserting cans may result in two root logical connections with duplicate geometry. However, Assembly Connections and Physical Connections are only created for one of the Logical Connections.

Two Vertical Braces with Gap Applied

The vertical braces are coplanar. They are smaller than the can and are built-up tubes.

Stub End Cans Added to Vertical Braces

Bottom Leg Matches the Outer Diameter of the Can