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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Analysis

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The following tasks are used frequently in the structural analysis task.

Create Analysis Model

All analytical data is gathered and exported based on analysis models. The first step in this task is to create an analysis model. For more information, see Create an analysis model.

Create Loads and Load Combinations

Create all the load cases that you plan to use. For more information, see Create a load case.

Create all the load combinations that you plan to use. For more information, see Create a load combination.

Place Loads

Place loads on the members in the model. There are several methods for placing loads:

Place a fully distributed load
Place a partially distributed load
Place concentrated load by absolute key-in
Place concentrated load by relative key-in
Place concentrated load using point along

Define Releases and Boundary Conditions

Define needed boundary conditions. For more information, see Place fixed boundary condition.

You can define member releases in the Structure task or in this task. For more information, see Define end releases.

Create a Mapping File

Because third-party applications sometimes use different names for member section sizes and materials, you need to create a mapping file to prevent mismatches. For more information, see Create a Mapping File.

Export the Analytical Model

Export the Analysis Model for analysis and design. For more information, see Export analysis model.

Update Model with Analysis and Design Results

Update the section size of the members in the model with the analysis and design results. For more information, see Update analysis model using analysis/design results.