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Intergraph Smart 3D Structural Detailing Reference Data

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Reference Data
11 (2016)

The reference data for the Structural Detailing task is divided into the following areas:

Codelist Values used by Structural Detailing

Bulkload Workbooks: AllShipCodeLists.xls and SM_AllShipCodeListsStructDetails.xls.

API: [Product Folder]\StructDetail\Middle\Bin\StructDetailObjects.dll

Assembly Connections (Profile Stiffeners)

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDAssyConnection.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Assembly Connection Rules

Assembly Connections (Members)

Bulkload Workbook: SM_MbrEndCuts_StructAssemblyConnections.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Assembly Connection Rules for Members.

Standard Assembly Connections

Bulkload Workbook: StandardMemberACs.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Standard Assembly Connection Rules


Bulkload Workbook: SM_BracketUnification.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Bracket Rules and Bracket Flange Rules.

2D Symbols: See Bracket Symbols.


Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDConstDetailsSlots.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Slot Rules.

2D Symbols: See Slots.


Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDConstDetailsClips.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Collar Rules.

2D Symbols: See Collars and Clips.

Corner Features

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDCornerFeature.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Corner Feature Rules.

2D Symbols: See Corner Features for Plates and Stiffeners.

Multi Corner Features

Bulkload Workbook: CornerFeatureRules.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Multiple Corner Feature Rule.

2D Symbols: See Corner Features for Plates and Stiffeners.

Edge Features

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDEdgeFeature.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Edge Feature Rules.

2D Symbols: See Edge Features.

End Cuts (Profile Stiffeners)

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDConstDetailsEndCuts.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: End Cut Rules.

2D Symbols: See Profile End Cuts.

End Cuts (Members)

Bulkload Workbook: SMMbrEndCuts_SRDConstDetailsEndCuts.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: End Cut Rules for Members.

2D Symbols: See Profile End Cuts.

Free Edge Treatments

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDFreeEdgeTreatment.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Free Edge Treatment Rules.

Visual Basic Symbols: Free Edge Treatment Symbols.

Free End Cuts

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDFreeEndCuts.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Free End Cut Rules.

2D Symbols: See Profile End Cuts.


Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDPlateChamfer.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Chamfer Rules.

2D Symbols: See Chamfers.

Physical Connections / Welds

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDWelds.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Physical Connection Rules.

Visual Basic Symbols: Weld Symbols.


Bulkload Workbook: SRDGusset.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Gusset Rules.

Sketched Features

Bulkload Workbook: SRDSketchedFeatures.xls.

2D Symbols: Sketched Features.

Board Management Rules

Bulkload Workbook: SRDBoardMgtRules.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Board Management Rules.

Naming Rules

Bulkload Workbook: SM_SRDNamingRules.xls.

Visual Basic Rules: Plate Part Naming Rules and Profile Part Naming Rules.

API: [Product Folder]\StructDetail\Middle\Bin\SDNameRulesHelper.dll

Symbol Icons for all Symbols

See Structural Detailing Symbol Icons.

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