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7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

Linear patterns and linear styles are the basic graphical elements of your symbols. Using the Symbology view in Options Manager, you can choose a filter and a linear pattern and style to represent an item on your drawing. SmartPlant P&ID Options Manager is supplied with a set of linear patterns and styles that can be found in the projectstyles.spp file.  You can also create your own custom patterns and styles using the Line Style Editor, an add-in for Catalog Manager.  For more information, see the Catalog Manager Help.

Linear Pattern - a linear pattern is the basic design of your line consisting of a series of dashes and gaps (strokes). For example, - /\ - /\ - or --- ... --- ... --- ... . You can use different patterns to represent different items on your drawings such as pipelines or cables.

Linear Style - a linear style is the formatting, such as color and line width, which is applied to your linear pattern.  You can have the same linear pattern with different styles.  The same pattern with different styles can be used to represent the same item type that have different uses.  For example, a gas carrying pipeline could be represented on your drawing by the following symbol --- ... --- ... --- ... , while a  liquid carrying pipeline would be shown as --- ... --- ... --- ... .