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SmartPlant P&ID Options Manager Help

Intergraph Smart P&ID
7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

Sets options for connecting to a site and plant structure and passes user access information to the application. This dialog box opens when you click File > Open Database on the menu bar.

Application Type — Allows you to select an application for filtering the available plant structures that are associated with that application.  If all the plants in the site are associated with one application only, the value is read-only.

Available plant structures — Lists those plant structures found on the network. You can select only one item from this List view at a time.

Open — Connects you to the selected database. The Open command also checks to make sure you have the correct access privileges for the selected plant structure and passes your access information back to SmartPlant P&ID Options Manager.

Site Server — Opens the Open Site Server dialog box, allowing you to select a SmartPlantV4.ini file from local and network directories. Plant structures that correspond to the initialization file you choose appear in the list of available plant structures.