Modify a turn in a path - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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  1. Click Select .

  2. Select the volume for which you want to modify the path.

    You can modify the path for volumes created with Place Volume Along Path , but not for volumes created with other volume commands.

  3. On the ribbon, click Path .

    The Edit Path ribbon displays.

  4. Select the turn that you want to modify.

  5. To change the plane for the turn, click a different plane in the Plane list.

  6. To delete the turn, click Delete .

  7. To change the turn type, select a different type in the Turn Type list.

  8. To change the dimensions for the selected turn type, type a value in the Value box. 

  9. Click Finish Path.

    The Place Volume Along Path ribbon displays.

  10. Click Finish.

  • You can also move the segments of a path. For more information, see Move segments of a path.

  • When the cross-sectional type is defined as Sketch, the Show Cross-Section View button is available on the Edit Path Turn ribbon.