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Intergraph Smart 3D Compartmentation

Intergraph Smart 3D
11 (2016)

Displays options for creating and modifying a spatial load.


Displays the Spatial Load Properties dialog box, which allows you to set properties for the load that you are placing. For more information, see Spatial Load Properties Dialog Box.

Spatial Load

Allows you to add or remove compartments for the spatial load.


Generates the defined spatial load and exits the command.


Removes the selected load from the Load List.


Displays the default name for the load (as dictated by the active name rule), and allows you to type a different name, if needed.


Specifies the type of load. Selecting More from the list opens the Select Volume Dialog Box from which you can select a type.

Load Combination Folder

Allows you to assign the load to a load combination folder in the analysis hierarchy. Selecting More in the list opens the Select Load Combination dialog box, which displays the root ship and all load combination folders. For information about creating load combinations, see Create a load combination.