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11 (2016)

Creates a new hierarchical folder for organizing your volume objects. You can create folders to provide a hierarchical storage system for the volume objects that you create in the Compartmentation task. When you select the Create Space Folder command, a ribbon appears that allows you to define a parent and name for the new folder. After the space folder is created, the space folder icon appears on the Space tab in the Workspace Explorer.

The Space tab of the Workspace Explorer displays all the volumes in the workspace in a classification hierarchy that reflects the various relationships defined for the volume objects. The content represents the current volume objects loaded from the database into the active workspace. When you select a volume object in the Workspace Explorer, it appears highlighted with the select color in the graphic view. Additionally, the software defaults to edit mode and displays the Edit Volume ribbon, which you can use to modify the selected volume object.

You can also right-click a folder on the Space tab of the Workspace Explorer, and then select Create Compartment Folder.

Create Space Folder Ribbon

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