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2019 (10.0)

The File > Import command allows you to import data into the database for a selected site. The import process creates a log file and places it in the same location as the database dump file being imported. Before importing a database dump file, you should test the database connection.

  1. Test your database connection before attempting to import the dump file.

    For more information, see Test a database connection.

  2. Right-click the site in the SmartPlant Foundation Sites node into which you want to import data, and click Import.

    You can also select the site and click the toolbar button or click Database > Import.

  3. Enter the path to the database dump file that you want to import.

    If you import a SQL Server dump file (.bak) from a client to a SQL Server, the directory where the .bak files are located should be shared so that the SQL Server can access the dump files when restoring the database.