Manually edit and run Server Manager permissions scripts - SmartPlant Foundation - Version 2019 (10.0) - Administration

SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager Help (2019)

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SmartPlant Foundation
2019 (10.0)

  • The first time you start Server Manager, a new local user group, SPFUsers, is created. By default, the scripts grant permissions to this SPFUsers group. If you choose to manually edit and run the scripts at a later time, you can edit the files to grant personalized permissions settings to specific users and groups. For more information, see Permissions script files.

  • Hexagon PPM suggests you make a copy of the delivered script file, edit the copy, and then run the script file from the copy.

  1. Start Server Manager. The first time you start Server Manager, the program prompts you to run batch scripts to set basic permissions.

  2. Click No on the dialog box to set up permissions at a later time.

  3. Browse to the script files. The scripts can be found in the UsersAndPermissionsScripts folder (for example, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\[Product Folder]\SPFServerManager\UsersAndPermissionsScripts).

  4. Make a copy of the script file.

  5. Using the copy of the script file, edit the keywords in the permissions script with the required values.

  6. Double-click the script name to run and set permissions.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each script file.

  8. Review the log files for the permissions at [drive]:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\Temp\ServerManager\Permissions.log.