Set up product software on a new server - SmartPlant Foundation - Version 2019 (10.0) - Administration

SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (10.0)

After installing the product software on the server, you must run Server Manager to create the folder structure on the server that will be used by the software to enable its use. The first time you run Server Manager on a server, you are prompted to define a default folder structure for the product server files. This process is required for proper operation of the software.

Server Manager uses a file named web.config to read and store configuration information. When Server Manager is launched for the first time, it checks for a web.config file within the Server folder of any installed software components. When it finds this file, it uses information found in that file to build a node for that component. If the web.config file is not found in any of these locations, an error message is displayed, and Server Manager closes.

After the product server folder structure is created, Server Manager prompts you for permission to set up user accounts, web server permissions, and to perform other automated processes. For information on running Server Manager to setup software on a new server and what tasks it performs, see Run Server Manager to automatically set up a new application server.

When these automated processes are done, you can use Server Manager to create sites and maintain the software components installed on that server.