Create a license manager site from the command line - SmartPlant Foundation - Version 2019 (10.0) - Administration

SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager Help (2019)

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2019 (10.0)

Using SPFServermanager.exe with the /lmcreate argument creates a new license manager site. You must provide information about the new site using several additional arguments:

/sn: - names the new site (required)

/lst: - sets the license server type; valid value is SPLM (SmartPlant License Manager) (required).

/db: - sets the database type; valid values are Oracle or SQLServer, not case-sensitive (required).

/dsn: - identifies the data source or TNS name.

/u: - identifies the database user name.

/p: - identifies the database password.

/ic: - identifies the initial catalog value (required for SQL Server connection strings).

The below examples create an Oracle or SQL Server site using SmartPlant License Manager called LicSPLM at the specified location, and includes the database details.

Example for Oracle:

SPFServermanager.exe /lmcreate /sn:LicSPLM /lst:SPLM /db:oracle /dsn:spf /u:spfuser /p:password

Example for SQL Server:

SPFServermanager.exe /lmcreate /sn:LicSPLM /lst:SPLM /db:SQLServer /dsn:sql2008 /u:spfuser /p:password /ic:icvalue

This example uses the /log: argument to generate a log file that stores results and errors from the operation. Specify a path and file name for the target log file (an extension is not required for the file).

SPFServermanager.exe /lmcreate /sn:LicSPLM /lst:SPLM /log:C:\SmartPlant Foundation Server Files\Temp\ServerManager\LicSPLMcreation