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2019 (10.0)

Before creating a site, you must determine the type of site you are creating, based on the role the site will perform in your implementation. Each site is defined as either a primary or secondary site.

  • A primary site contains the core server component, file service, cache, and configuration services.

  • A secondary site contains the core server component and communicates with the existing cache and configuration services on the primary site. Secondary sites are optional and can be used to offload the scheduler service from the primary site's server.

  • Each primary site is associated with a virtual directory in IIS. When you create a new primary site, this virtual directory is also created.

  • An optional secondary site can be set up only on a different server from the one where the primary site is set up; this allows you to offload the scheduler from the primary server to an alternate secondary server.

  • You can create and manage sites according to your data-modeling needs. For example, you might have a single primary site containing one or more plants on a single server, or have a single primary site with a secondary site on another server to offload the scheduler, or you might have multiple sites on a single server, using a different site per plant. Maintaining multiple sites on a single server requires multiple, customized versions of the SmartPlant schema file. For more information about customizing SmartPlant schema files, see SmartPlant Schema Editor Overview.